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LCD Screen Replacement

LCD Screen Replacement

If you are looking for a reliable LCD screen replacement service, look no further.

We provide our customers with a fast, reliable and affordable LCD screen replacement service for homes and businesses in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.

We repair all LCD screens including Dell LCD screen replacement, HP LCD screen replacement, IBM LCD screen replacement, emachines LCD screen replacement, Acer LCD screen replacement, Alienware LCD screen replacement, and Gateway LCD screen replacement, Sony LCD screen replacement and Toshiba LCD screen replacement.

If your LCD screen in not in stock, we will order it for you. We can even over-night it. We are open 6 days closed Sunday.
We do answer the phone on Sunday for emergency situations or for any inquiries but we do not perform any repairs on Sunday.

Why choose Morotech LCD Screen Replacement Service?
1- We have screens in stock.
2- Competitive prices
3- Free pick up and drop-off with service
4- We stand behind our work 100%
5- Repair is done by experienced technicians with many years of experience working on laptop and desktop computers.

We handle all sorts of LCD screen repair issues including LCD screen replacement, backlight issues, loose or cut wires and dimmed LCD screens.

We have Local Computer Technicians in your area who will come and diagnose your computer problem at no extra cost or we can access your computer remotely for certain computer repair services such as Virus Removal, PC Maintenance, Networking issues and any other software related problems.