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Computer Repair Chicago

Desktop | Laptop | PC | Apple Repair

If you are looking for a reliable computer repair and maintenance service, look no further. We provide our customers with a fast and reliable computer repair service for homes and businesses in the chicago area.

Laptop Repair Chicago

PC latop | Apple Laptop Repair

If you need laptop repair in Chicago, we can help. we are laptop repair experts and we work on all sorts of laptops and perform all types of repairs including:
Laptop Screen Replacement
Laptop Hardware Upgrades (RAM / Memory, Hard Drives, Batteries, Sound Cards, Wireless, CPUs, etc)
Laptop Keyboard Repair & Replacements
Laptop Software Installation & Upgrades

Apple Repair Chicago

Apple Desktop | Apple Latop | Apple Macbook Pro Repair

We can repair your Apple desktop or laptop from A to Z.
Our services include hard drive replacement, OS issues, logic board, LCD screen replacement, battery damage and more.

LCD Screen Replacement Chicago

LCD screen replacement | LCD screen repair | Laptop LCD screen Repair

New Laptop Screen Replacement
Cracked or broken LCD screens
LCD screen Bleed, White LCD screen
Lines across your LCD screen

Laptop Power Jack Repair Chicago

DC Jack | DC Power Jack | Laptop Not Charging

Is your laptop not charging? do you have to hold your charger is a certain postion to charge your laptop? do you see sparks when you plug your laptop in?
It could be your DC Jack. We replace the DC Power Jack for you in 24 to 48 hours.

Motherboard Repair Chicago

Mother Board Repair | MotherBoard Repair | Service Motherboard

We repair and service all types of motherboards from all major manufactuers including Apple.

Virus Removal Chicago

Virus Removal | Spyware Removal

We offer Virus Removal and spyware removal service. Drop off your computer and we will clean it up for you in 24 to 48 hours. We will scan and clean your laptop or desktop from any spyware and viruses you may have.

Data Recovery Chicago

Hard Drive Data Recovery | USB Data Recovery | Memory Card Data Recovery

Our data recovery experts will recover your crashed, damaged, or otherwise inoperable hard drive for a reasonable price. Call us now to fin out how we can help.