Website Security

Like most popular platforms, a host of security issues may rise when building a website or a blog using WordPress .An out of the box WordPress installation is very simplistic and rudimentary to say the least. You need themes and plugins to make it do what you want the website or blog to do. 

It s true WordPress has to be kept up to date and that the core files could sometimes be compromised if not updated regularly, however, WordPress plugins and themes may be the source of your headaches as well if you do not update them constantly.

It s true that the WP core files are  maintained by proficient and dedicated team of WordPress developers who take it up on themselves to address any security issues and take the necessary steps to release updates in time to secure WordPress-based websites but the theme developers and plugin creators must do the same to help stop the attacks by creating better software and making sure that all the patches are distributed in a timely manner for WordPress users to apply them and prevent any vulnerabilities that exist.